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My Crazy Mixed Up Life
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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
7:12 pm
Well i really don't know what to write adn all i can remember from my day is this kid in my science class was stoned...in gym the sprinlers went on in the feild hahahahaha (mandy nicole erika) then we got changed early:) and i came home and checked my e-mail and mike posted a comment...i havn't talked to him in froever:) At cse yesterday Camilla and Anthony asked me to the night 89.x stole christmas (major concert oppertunity)!!!!!! ahhhh i havn't been to a concert in forever ok a month but thats too loooong!!!!!
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
10:15 pm
i miss my b-day...it was so two days ago...i got an ipod and a corpse bride shirt and tuner and pajamas and$$$$$...tonight i got homecomming pics and a snl book!!!and my mom said i can have a b*day party...ashley we NEED to talk tommorw about my party...would u mind if i had it on the friday b4 yours?
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
4:11 pm
Friday:I went to homecoming game and it was fun the cool club was reunited (me.kyle mcginnis.elizabeth ashley) yay!! kyle is such a cutie (lol) he kept giving me huggs and i was throwing candy in his mouth tehe and kayala and sam and tiffany were doing the same to each other (lmao)! AHHHH everyone was there twill,ashley,turner,gina,bonnie,shlee,alysha,jenn,mandy and a bunch of other people!! the band was realy quiet and stuff so we really couldn't hear them. me and kyle were throwing quaters at nick miller lol it was sooo fun!!!

Saturday:woke up at 8 and went with my cousin got her hair did (yeha i said it) and it was taking a long time so i went back to her house and took a shower then we ate lunch and my cousin jeanise came over and did my hair and my cousin nick was sitting there freaking being dumb (it was entertaining) and my cousin jeanise was like why didn't you ask andrew (this kid who i've known forever) to the dance with me i was so confused by that i didn't know what to say. so then i did my make up and chased nick around trying to make him pretty with make up too but he wouldn't let me. so then i put on my dress and every one said i looked like marlyin monroe with brown hair...we went to bay cout park and then to my grandmas and my other grandmas then to little ceasers the dollar store and halloween usa (yes in our homecomming stuff!!) by that time my cousins boyfriend was being a jerk and hes like im gonna break your nose im like do it adn i swear to god you will be dead the second you touch me...finally he got out of the car when we got to school and i stayed in waiting for my friends...i spotted shuna and erik so i stood with them. ten i seen bonnie adn shlee and jannell and twill jenn alysha jake bryant and them all their dresses were so cute!!!! my cousin lori says my friends were like the only people who ALL had cute dresses! when we went in i saw my friend anthony from orchestra camp (he didn't recoginze me, because i really looked like crap then) when he finally realized it was me he like you look different!!! i saw kla and sam they were pretending to be lesbians(?) idk and i lost my shoes after a half hour mandy was checking out this hott kid from my bus (don't really balme heer) then i danced with rachele adn all those people and i was randomly walking around with bonnie when chad asked me to dace andn i said no (i feel so bad). i was hanging around with ashley and mario and stuff then i asked anthony to dancce and at first he wsa like uh and looked at his date then she pushed us together and it was cool...we talked about cse and stuff.i went in and a friend of mine came out of the colset to me it was coolthat he told me. i had to leave early (:() and we went to dinner at lions den and alot of the kettering bandos were there i was all excited i was like ahhhhhh i love you guys!!! it was fun!!! we all came back and hung out it was fun!!!! i want homcomming every freaking week!

Current Mood: calm
Monday, September 12th, 2005
7:23 pm
I went to lake City this weekend and cried...it is one of the last times i going to be there...adn carved my initals into the wood. I'm really going to miss our summer house and the people up there...its soo pretty i can see the stars so well...i just stayed up really late looking out the window crying about everything...i really am mad about selling it.

I came home and seen green day with *my couin's jeniese,chrisgen haether and nick.and andrew (whos been a family friend forever* we had alot of fun and i head banged with andrew tehe nick wouldn't!! yea green day played operation ivy!!!!yay!! all night everyone was just like eff bush, i was soo happy! i got a hat instead of a tshirt and i turned around and andrew had the same one wtf!!! Ahhhh green day did a queen song!!!!!we are the champions my friends!!and dedicated wake me up when september ends to the 9/11 victims adn everyone (including me was crying) it was so great!!it was truely amazing the whole night!!!

Current Mood: amused
Monday, September 5th, 2005
8:26 pm
I was really dissapointed because i didn't hear broken...so we were walking when we spotted the tour busses and lori's like lets meet some people (were soo much alike) we were standing there for a minuite and htis totally hott guy from a dark new day came out of his bus his name is troy and i was like my name is Brooke he's like my name is Troy...i've been drinlikg but its all good.i was like wasnt to be best friends hes like of corse. he told us to wait bcuz cross fade and seetther would be out. then another band member came off the bus and i a was like hi whats your name...hes like my name is like chris so i was like my name is totally brooke! adn he kinda talked then i asked for a hug and he gave it to me and left. then lor went to get her camera and left us at the busses...aand this pimp looking guy was like yes i'm smoking weed do you smoke weed or do you want some im like no and hes like you got a boyfriend i lied and was like yea a big one...and hes liekdon't be hatin'im like yea bye now,lori finally walked up and he left. we saw troy and he looked sad so i was like a re you ok and gave him a hug and he said he just had a bad day...we toook a picture adn he put his arms arond me and squeezed i was like poor troy!! i so love him! he was tired and drun so he went back to his tour bus...i was so happy he didn't go clubbing...he was pretty messed up. We headed to seethers bus adn they were headed in so i got some dude going on to go get them. it was so cool they came out really fast i was suprised they actually cared! they were total sweeties and we tracked down the singer (who smelled as nice as he was!)and took a picture with him too! then the drummer was a sweetheart adn asked how old i was because he wasnted to know if we wanted to go to "7" with them,i was like 15 so he was like darn. then i talked to some roadies and they gushed about how good of guys hawthorne hieghts were. then we walked over to the crossfadeand the singer had just got his tatoo re-inked and was taking the bandage off so i held his shirt and was the first one to see it!! he was also a sweet heartand took pictures with us and talked and then another dude in the band did the same. that about the end of the night and i had an amazing time and met some really nice hard core guys!

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
11:59 am
Arts Beats And eats
ok!I went to arts beats ant eats w/ my cousins lori and heather. we got there adn seen eddie money (tehe ranom fact:Eddie money was my first concert way back when in the diaper days!)nd last night he didn't do two tickets to paradise i was so dissapointed After i went with lori to get food shre got a pizza and i got really hunter house fries!! Then wew went back and got heater a seether t shirt. then i went in the crowd to see cross fade. then went back to lori and heath and then went back and seen Jermey garcia!!! and was like HEY! he looke at me like "i know you...but from where" so i left.and by that time it was time for cold. andi screamed the lyrics at the top of my lungs!! then i went to lori and heather and we all went back to the crowd and stood there during seether. so there was this cute guy was getting closer and closser then i seen the pit and he like ran to it by that time the cops brok it up (boo) so he all like ou goin' in im like heck yea...next one!!! so the concetr kept going and i head banged and all the sudden cute guy was miaand the guy in front of me came from apperently a pit and his shirt was ripped and hes like that was soooo hard core as another guys shirt landed on my shoe!! i was like dang no mosh pit when a hard core guy is scared!!!after awhile lori was like lets leave...

part two of my night gets way better....stayt tuned

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
4:52 pm
I sat by sam on the bus and thats alli remember. I walked to my locker and put my crap in my bag and Ashley was like brookie poo so i walked with her to math and she went to gym.

*Math. I sat next to Aysa and Paul (assigned seats) and talked to Aysa and did a test then talked to Aysa again!

*Language Arts.I talked to Dallas and did thsi verb thingy and gott done way early so i read elle girl. then talked to Dallas more.
~passing time.I walked with Dallas and Katie Crook and then went to my locker and some one like knocked into me and was like watch out and i turned around and it was that corey kid (he was pooter's friend) and he was all smiling so i was like ok...it was weird i didn't know he even knew who i was~

*Science.I took a really lame test that i was supposed to fail. then i just sat there.

*lunch.i ate with megan then saw shawna pribe and was like oh my gosh!!! and walked around with her.

*Gym.I changed and hung out with mandy and we were doing/saying dumb stupid yet hillarious things and we talked to this kid travis and he ended up being alex schlutlows cousin...crazy!!
~after school.we walked out with Jermey Wright and he like stopped randomly adn i ran into him adni was like uh not cool,hes said i only do it to people i like as he pushes mandy into the crowd...i really don't think he likes me.

*Eddie Money Crossfade Seether tommorw at artas beats adneats with lori, Heather, and, nick(?)!!!!!!!

Current Mood: nerdy
Monday, August 29th, 2005
9:39 pm
this quite possibly the longest day of my life...i really like high school...i am totally excited about the sophmores in orchestra yay! and im back with most of my crary possse!!!!! I love the high school life!!! See ya in the a.m

Current Mood: excited
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
12:17 pm
im bored call me anyone...i seen katie and jake yesterday...i guess jake got his lisense cuz he was driving and katie was in the passanger seat...i almost cried...and my dads not picking me up so i'm stuck in a house where the people i live with hate me...they proved it last night...long story...but yeha call me if any one wants to hang out or whatever

Current Mood: cold
Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
7:36 pm
i mess everthing up.

<3is defiently a big part in it

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, August 6th, 2005
11:14 pm
and then this one time at band (/orchestra) camp...
Well hotties im home

well im just gonna put the adress to the picures mrs.beard took see if you can find me!


just click on the days and yay you'll see meeeeeeeeeeeee!

Highlights: SENIOR BOYS...ONE I REALLY LIKED AND HE FAVORS FRESHMAN (but not me, the one he played tonsil hockey with at the dance)yet he gave me all these hugs and was like I'll see you at hot topic and stuff...SENIOR BOYS...ARE OUT TO BREAK <3'S SO WATCH YOUR BACK!
yea i praticed hard core 9-10 hours a day! i met some nice seniors too like biz and amy (who helped me alot with my violin parts) and jon (who is awesome at violin) the n some juniors, the twins, kristin, andrew some sophmores kathryn,anthony,camilla and no freshen and the hott life gaurd Nathan who by the way is my friend and watched band and roof ball is retarted if you see the pictures notice i'm way away from roof ball!
and i got like 5 hours sleep every night.

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, July 25th, 2005
11:23 pm
my week
friday*recovered from the concert, slept till 2 then spyros family came from pittsburgh we went to red lobster. yea exciting i know

saturday*went to flea market *does happy dance* got robert frost book emily dickenson book an american poems book a eurpean art book warped tour 04 shirt straylight run cd

sunday*paul got baptized!!!!!! couldn't understand a word (it was in greek) but he got baptized!

Current Mood: annoyed
10:55 pm
thursday:went to lenard skynard which was amazing to see them rock out i was in awe (like i am every other time i see them) i seen the zero gravity skaters (the ones who actually skate...they are always at DTE...i have alot of respect for them) and the mott stoners and mike hott drummer mike from the parade (well ashley is the only one that knows him) he died his hair black *don't worry he still looks hott, really hott) but he looked more individual with it brown...mot like everyone else,he smiled at me!!!!!majior score...i hope hes at orchestra camp...maybe he and i can becime friends:) yea back to lenard synard i had my dads lighter yay! i lit it and didn't burn myself once...no one uses cell phones...its lenard skynard baby!<- my dad said that! i love listening to the old rockers conversatoins...that one time when i seen ac/dc...(brian my dads friend)yea the rolling stones in so and so year were awesome and the beatles (in so and so year) were so awesome...so on and so on yea liseten to your parents old storys (they used to be real cool...some still are)! yea the abercrombie zombies were there *stabs self with pen* they never have come before grrrrrrrr they were annoying and were all scared of getting their clothes dirty (i swear this kid was like hey lets go slide down the hill to his friend and his friend was like nooooooo my outfit (yes he said outfit) cost $300 dollars i was cracking up) then these chicks had louis viton, chanel,gucci purses *AT A LYNARD SKYNARD CONCERT* yeha that really annoys me when this happens...trends...ugh...

moral...lenard rocked out...old people have good concert stories...men like to offer me weed...i had fun...my dad is fun to take to concerts!

Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
11:12 pm
hi everybody in the real oc (oakland county!)
im home up north was kinda fun i seen my neighbor who i hadnn't seen in a while (he moved and moved back then went to a boy home blah blah blah) yea his names mike hes 16 hes soooo nice! we hung out while he was home and i met some cool locals and basilly hung out around town and went to my uncle Ed's graveand got kinda emo. yeha but i kinda had fun!!!! im so excited to be home and so excited to go back!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
12:04 pm
im still up north im not sure when im comming home...i'll update about my "trip" but for now i am just REALLY bored so i came up to the libabry!

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
10:31 am
BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!
UP NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FINALLY GETTING AWAY FROM THIS LAME-O PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, July 5th, 2005
12:00 am
Fourth of july
Well i woke up at 12 and called ryan around 2-5 (no idea) and tried to convince my mom to go to her friend Lauras because i was bored and she was like no we have to wit till spyro is done so i waited and waited until 6:30 and he came home and yelled at us and he and my mom got into it in the kitchen..then he went down stairs and took a shower and was like were leaving. we got to lauras like at 7 and when we got there it was raining and the boys (lauras sons and their friends) were just finishing off a keg and playing their last round of beer pong (for that keg) and they were all sorta drunk. Then i ate some cole slaw and a brownie which was like almost the only thing i ate all day so then i went in lauras room where all these women were and my mom was in there with paul so i just kinda sat there (because the "younger" people were in the garage drunk) so i was sooo bored then finally we all went to the living room and the boys and their friends had scored another keg and went to the neighbors house to play beeer pong...they all decided to leave so lauras youngst son (hes 19 ithink) came in and was brushing off his hair on me so i got an un wanted shower (gross) then all the boys left and i was alone i was so bored i was almost crying. then we finally left and i wanted to go see some fire works and spyro yelled at me and yelled and yelled and finally we got home and i got out and slammed the door he yelled and was like if your mom dosn't want to deciplin you i will so i just stood there and he got sooooo mad so i went down the street crying and passed the hott high school guys house and he seen me i was trying to wipe off the tears because he was outside (i didn't see him but when i realized he was outside) he gave me a sympethitic look i was so embarassed....spyro ruins all holidays for me they all turn out tragic...so now i finally stopped crying and my eyes are all dried out (it kinda hurts) and being all emo.

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, July 4th, 2005
1:41 am
cut my wrists and
black my eyes so i can fall asleep tonight

night night<3

Current Mood: sleepy
1:24 am
happy fourth of july!
hey im really tired and am going to my moms friends in like 10 hours grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Current Mood: bitchy
Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
8:23 pm
whats the point?
everyone that reads this hates me.

Current Mood: aggravated
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